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Olga Murasev
Founder of the School

“The only face painter you should ever compare yourself to is the one you were yesterday.”

Hi, I’m Olga Murasev! Face painting is my passion and an important part of my life.

You may already know me from YouTube or Facebook — Olga’s Face and Body Art. Or perhaps you have taken one of my workshops?

Now let me tell you a little more about myself and my experience with this wonderful artform.

I started face painting as a hobby in 2011 and it soon developed into a full-time career. I’ve always played around with art so creativity is quite natural to me and I was lucky to develop skills for face painting quite quickly.

Most of my artwork is inspired by nature as well as popular culture and cartoons. I have a background in medicine, which no doubt helps with the more graphic artworks you may have seen me create around Halloween time.

As you might expect with such diverse influences, my portfolio demonstrates a wide variety designs, from super cute characters through to some very gruesome ones.

Over the past six years I have created hundreds of original face painting designs, and I have traveled the world to share my art as an instructor. It has been my pleasure to meet and teach so many students in person. From Australia to the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Russia, Belgium, Ukraine, Israel, Kazakhstan and more… it is amazing where the humble art of face painting can take you.

In 2013 I visited Australia for the first time as an international instructor, and in 2014, I was a guest instructor at FABAIC in the USA. In 2015, I instructed at the UK Face Painting Convention.

And now I have combined my experience and knowledge in one easy to navigate online training program — the International Face Painting School.

With love

Olga Murasev

Kristin Olsson

“Remember that every great artist was once an amateur!”

Hi, I am Kristin Olsson! You may recognise me from the numerous step-by-step tutorials I have done for the School blog or from the covers of leading face and body art magazines where my art was featured.

I stumbled into the colorful and amazing world of face painting in 2016 – and it truly was love at first stroke! Seeing the sheer joy on the kids’ faces when they looked at themselves in the mirror was just the best feeling ever!

I am proud to say that my work has been very well received in the face painting community from the very beginning, perhaps that’s why I have won numerous face painting competitions.

In Norway, where I live, I am part of the best and most well paid face painting team in the country. Several of our team members have completed the School, which has definitely helped us become such a successful group of painters.

My background in art and graphic design are definitely an advantage for me as I am used to breaking down different elements and placing them together in a balanced composition. I use a lot of bright colors and bold outlines in my designs, and I love incorporating stenciled textures and patterns in my work as well.

I love to experiment with different styles, and I always try to tweak my designs a little on the job in order to come up with better placement, better flow of the lines or other various ways to enhance my work. Seeing how much small details can make a huge difference to a design is always such a revelation!

I was the very first student at the School to graduate as an honor student and was immediately offered a position to work as Olga’s right hand and as a tutor very shortly after. My long-term dream of getting into teaching came true! We are a fantastic team at the School and have already helped dozens of face painters achieve their dreams.

I love being able to make children happy with just a little bit of paint and attention. I want them to feel even more beautiful as they already are. And that’s why I want to teach too! Because the more face painters there are, the more children we can make happy!

Today, I am so happy to be able to offer valuable support to dozens of face painters from all over the world as an International Face Painting School team member.

With love

Kristin Olsson

Annabel Hoogeveen

“We are just face painters, but actually, we are working for the ministry of happiness because we are smile-makers! We’ve got the best job in the world!” — The Wolfe Brothers

Hi, I’m Annabel Hoogeveen! Once a vet, but now a face painter with all my heart. It is, like the famous Wolfe brothers once said, the best job in the world!

Just last year I enrolled in Olga’s International Face Painting School and that’s when all the magic started to happen!

But that’s not where it began…

My first encounter with face painting was in 2008 when they asked volunteers for face painting at the preschool playground my son attended. From early childhood on I was always drawing and painting so I thought I could do it and I volunteered. But with the party only a few weeks away I became a bit nervous and decided search for a last-minute face painting course. I learned the basics just in time. And… I caught the ‘face painting bug’, I fell totally in love with it.

More than 60 (!!!) courses and workshops followed and in 2013 I finally gained the courage to found Blije-Snoetjes Kinderschmink (‘Blije Snoetjes’ means ‘Happy Faces’ in Dutch 😉), my very own face painting company and school. I have been teaching face painting ever since.

Teaching in my own studio is fantastic, but not everyone is able to come to a workshop or course in person. So I began thinking about alternative ways to teach, without driving through the country all day. And then I found the International Face Painting School! That’s what I was looking for! And, a little bit later, the School found me! 😍

I like designs that are colorful, elegant and ‘easy-to-copy’. But, when there is time, I also like to create more realistic designs, especially sweet and furry animals (there is still a little bit of vet left in me 😋).

I love being able to make children happy with just a little bit of paint and attention. I want them to feel even more beautiful as they already are. And that’s why I want to teach too! Because the more face painters there are, the more children we can make happy!

Face painting and teaching others how to face paint brings me so much joy and happiness. I truly believe that’s what I was supposed to do in life. So joining the tutor team of this amazing School is like a dream come true for me.

What’s your dream?

With love

Annabel Hoogeveen

Rosie Lieberman

“Colour is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” — Paul Klee (Swiss graphic artist)

Hi, I’m Rosie Lieberman! I’m so happy and grateful to be a professional face painter and tutor at the International Face Painting School. After many years of training and working as a veterinary surgeon, I can finally say I found my true calling!

It was love at first sight as I was volunteered to face paint at our clinic open day. Though, in hindsight, perhaps it wasn’t surprising. I’ve drawn and painted all my life, and with the added bonus that face painting gives so much joy to others, I think it’s the perfect combination.

There’s also something magical about the fact that our paintings are temporary and unique works of art, to really be enjoyed and appreciated at the moment.

Being a self-confessed nerd, I have a hunger to learn. I joined the International Face Painting School as a pupil with the hope of learning all I could from the best teachers in the world. I never dreamt that I would one day be working with them.

I like to paint anything beautiful or that makes me giggle. I love my designs to be full of color and reflect the beauty of what’s around us. I also get a lot of satisfaction from developing new on-the-job designs and discovering how and why they work best.

Although originally from England I now live in a part of Germany where professional face painting has not been established for very long. I soon realized I could spread the joy of our craft, even when not on the job, by offering face painting workshops. During the last couple of years, I have taught face painting in public and private settings.

I look forward to getting to know each of my students here at the school and understand their specific needs and abilities. I also hope to pass on my joy of learning as they make huge strides forward in their face painting careers.

With love

Rosie Lieberman

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