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Olga Murasev — 29 August 2017

Three Secrets to Mastering Your Butterflies 🦋

I bet the butterfly was your first (or second) design that you tried when you jumped into the colorful world of face painting. Did I guess right? 😉 There are countless styles…

Olga Murasev — 22 August 2017

How to work fewer hours and earn more money

Did you ever wonder how you can earn more without working more? I bet you did! I’m going to share a powerful tip with you: There is no limit to how much…

Olga Murasev — 15 August 2017

How much should I charge for face painting? REAL PRICES

No doubt this is the most frequently asked question by beginners wanting to learn how to become a face painter. And I wish I could give you a straight answer, but…

Olga Murasev — 10 August 2017

Starting your face painting business. Investments & hidden costs.

You have dabbled to face paint at a non-profit event, you are a seasoned face painter or you have artistic talent and you feel that face painting is exactly what you can do…?…

Olga Murasev — 31 July 2017

7 Steps For Symmetrical Face Painting Designs

Symmetry can be a challenge for many beginners just learning to face paint. It isn’t easy to get it right and it’s often frustrating to look back at a photo of…

Olga Murasev — 30 July 2017

Bunny Belly Painting Tutorial Step by Step

In this article I’ll teach you how to create a pregnant belly painting! Here is a belly painting step by…

Olga Murasev — 27 July 2017

7 Clever Ways to Use Glitter in face painting

What is the easiest and cheapest way to add a WOW factor to your design? Sparkle it up of course! In this post you’ll find out about main ways of applying…

Olga Murasev — 25 July 2017

My secrets for Perfect Belly Painting

In this post we will speak about something unique! If you haven’t tried body painting a pregnant belly yet, you should definitely do that! It is a truly magical experience and brings…

Olga Murasev — 23 July 2017

How to choose the best sponge?

Face painting sponges are important tools of the trade, just as brushes are. Artists will generally prefer one type of sponge over another, depending on their personal style of work. Some will…

Olga Murasev — 20 July 2017

Top 7 tips for vibrant designs in face painting ✨

One of the most frequent questions that I receive is how do I get the colors in my designs so bright and vibrant? Today I will share with you top 7 tips…

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