Wait, we are not stopping here...

The School is experiencing huge success! 🙌 We proved that face painting can be studied effectively online! Henceforth, we are not teaching a particular style or technique. We teach the SCIENCE of face painting, which helps our students achieve amazing results, discovering their own potential and hidden talents. And we are so happy to celebrate their success! 

But we're not stopping here! I planned the School as the best quality educational resource in the face painting industry and I intend to keep the standards high. Thus, I am now preparing a team of personally-selected face painters with amazing skill and talent to join our team as Officially Certified School Instructors! 😎

We invite you to join the School on our best-seller — the PROFESSIONAL Course.  

Those of you who are willing to be guided individually, watch your eyes! We will offer a set of limited spots for the ELITE Course very soon, where the individual tutoring will become even more personal and even more effective. Leave your email on the waiting list here and be the first one to know when we'll have a spot available!  

We thank you all so much for the amazing support and success that the School has seen. Without you, there would be no School! We will always put the integrity and training of our students and School first, and we thank you for your understanding and patience as we conclude the training of our instructors! ❤️  

Olga Murasev

Olga Murasev

Founder of the School

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