Three Magical Christmas Step-by-Steps by Annabel Hoogeveen

Annabel Hoogeveen, Kelli Zermeño— 26 December 2017 —

Merry Christmas! As a special holiday gift to you, the amazingly talented Annabel Hoogeveen has made these exclusive step-by-steps for the International Face Painting School Blog (you lucky duck, you). You’ll be seeing more of her here, as Annabel is an almost graduated student and one of the most creative members of the School! 💖

Annabel Hoogeveen resides in Holland with her husband and two sons (11 and 13). She claims to be 47, but if that’s true, I want to know what they put in the water in Holland, because she looks amazing!

Annabel trained and worked as a veterinarian for several years. But though she loved working with animals, standard veterinary practice left her feeling unhappy in her career. So she decided to search for something that would bring her joy. Her lifelong love and practice of art led her to discover the beautiful world of face painting and she knew right away that she’d found what she was looking for.

Over the past decade, she devoured every course and seminar possible and started her business, Blije-Snoetjes Kinderschmink. Her passion over the last few years, aside from face painting at parties, has been teaching others the art of face painting.

“I really think it’s the best job in the world. Because like the famous Wolfe-brothers said:

We are working for the ministry of happiness because we are smile-makers!

And the more smile-makers there are, the more smiles there will be.” said Annabel.

Connect with Annabel on social media so you too can be inspired by her work on Facebook, Instagram and her official website!

Gingerbread Butterfly

Step 1
Draw the contours of the butterfly wings using a brown split-cake (Teddy Bear — Arty Brush Cake) and an angled brush. The center is filled in with light brown (Paradise) and a sponge.
Gingerbread Butterfly face painting - Step 1

Step 2
Put down the green Holly leaves in the center and between the upper and lower wings using a small angle brush and a green split-cake (Global Amazon).

Gingerbread Butterfly face painting - Step 2

Step 3
Now it’s time to decorate the Gingerbread butterfly wings with white and red lines, leaving a little space for some green rhinestones.

Gingerbread Butterfly face painting - Step 3

Step 4
To give it a little more depth, draw a drop shadow beneath the white and red lines, the leaves and the butterfly wings. Finish with some red “lipstick” and red glitter on the lips, green rhinestones on the wings and red rhinestones as Holly berries on the leaves.

Gingerbread Butterfly face painting - Step 4

Tip: Proper sponge technique is essential to achieve this design, read “How to Choose the Best Sponge” to make sure you achieve the best results!

Christmas Fairy

Step 1
Load a sponge with white and red and put down a nice base voor the fairy wings. Keep the center and outer wing top light. Use a stencil to create a nice pattern on the outside of the wings (I used a Diva Stencils Henna stencil). Draw a double contour with a small angle brush and a red split-cake (Gypsy — Cameleon). Put some blush on the cheeks (I forgot to do it here, but dit it a little bit later 😉) and golden stars with a
stencil on the forehead and cheekbone.
Christmas Fairy face painting - Step 1

Step 2
Make pine-‘leaves’ using a green split-cake (Global Amazon) and an angled brush. Use your angle brush as a stamp to make little multicoloured stripes as pine-needles. Draw a red heart on the forehead and cover with red glitter (Paradise).

Christmas Fairy face painting - Step 2

Step 3
Double load a round brush with white and green, and make some flower petals at the outer corners of the eyes and in the center.

Christmas Fairy face painting - Step 3

Step 4
Finish your Christmas design with white dots and stars, golden teardrops, red lipstick with some red glitter. Embellish further with red and green rhinestones.

Christmas Fairy face painting - Step 4

Tip: There are several specialty brushes used in this design, be sure to read our “5 Tips for Crisp Lines in Face Painting” article so you can choose your brushes with confidence.

Blue Christmas Butterfly with Rudolph

Step 1
Put down a butterfly base with a sponge loaded with metallic white, a light blue and a darker blue. Embellish the base using a stencil.

Blue Christmas Butterfly with Rudolph face painting - Step 1

Step 2
Contour the wings using a blue split-cake (Melbourne — Global) and an angled brush. Draw Rudolph in between the upper wings like he is peeking through. Cover the top of the upper wings, the outside contour of the lower wings and the area beneath Rudolph’s nose with white. The blue will shine through a little, giving some depth to the white as it has to resemble snow.

Blue Christmas Butterfly with Rudolph face painting - Step 2

Step 3
Give Rudolph more depth by outlining and using shadows and highlights.

Blue Christmas Butterfly with Rudolph face painting - Step 3

Step 4
Create some shadow beneath/around Rudolph’s nose, paws, antlers and ears and beneath the “snow” on the wings using a little bit of black Starblend. Finish the design with some highlights on Rudolph, a few white dots on the wings and some red lips with red glitter.

Blue Christmas Butterfly with Rudolph face painting - Step 4

Tip: Proper symmetry is extremely important in achieving a beautiful full face design. Our article “Secret Tips to Obtain a Flawless Design in Face Painting” will ensure your designs are flawless!

Use your imagination during the holidays! Many of your basic designs (butterflies, masks, etc) can be used as a jumping off point to create beautiful holiday-themed designs such as these!

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Show us your rendition of these beautiful designs in the comments below! 👇👇👇

 — Annabel Hoogeveen, Kelli Zermeño

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