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How it Works

We offer the most effective course for improving your face painting skills. With proven techniques you'll learn everything you need to know to boost your face painting career.

8 easy steps to become a PRO
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  • Study the theory Set a solid theoretical fundament and become confident of gained knowledge.
  • Polish your skills Sharpen your skills and improve your knowledge of the industry by mastering face painting techniques.
  • Learn 45 designs Nail 45 carefully selected designs, that will help you master perfect placement and will teach you how to create your own beautiful balanced designs.
  • Perform tasks & tests Solidify your knowledge and gained skills by performing practical tasks and quiz-tests.
  • Get individual tutoring Elite feature Get valuable feedback from the tutor that will help you understand your mistakes and how to fix them for a fast improvement.
  • Participate in private
    group and webinars Connect with your classmates, discuss learned material, address more questions and get answers and simply have fun!
  • Get certified Get a unique Diploma of graduation with a special Badge, that will confirm your new status of a Certified Face Painter.
  • Become a Pro Boost your face painting career and become a professional in the industry.
  • 1
    Study the theory
  • 2
    Polish your skills
  • 3
    Learn 45 designs
  • 4
    Perform tasks & tests
  • 5
    Get individual tutoring Elite feature
  • 6
    Participate in private
    group and webinars
  • 7
    Get certified
  • 8
    Become a Pro
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What to Expect

30 core modules, 265 illustrations & schemes, 76 video-lessons, 17 evaluation tests.

Progress guaranteed

The goal of this face painting course is to make you gain confidence in your skills, discover your talents and bring your professionalism to a new level. There is no risk — if you are not satisfied with the results, I guarantee you 100% money back.

Most comprehensive face painting guide

This face painting course combines theoretical basics, visual guidance and practical tasks with quiz tests that will help you sharpen your skills and improve your knowledge of the industry, all while building your face paint portfolio with a wide range of popular designs.

Individual coaching

Our private group and webinars are a great opportunity to share the experience with your classmates, connect, and encourage each other. Also to simply to have fun! You can always rely on me, your tutor, to provide you with valuable feedback — something impossible to achieve from watching face painting videos or following step-by-steps in books.

Proven step-by-step face painting program

This Course of face painting classes is based on a proven step-by-step method, tested by dozens of students, that have already built their successful careers in face painting. It contains all the necessary and relevant information a face painter should possess.

Final exam and certification

After successful completion of the studies in the International Face Painting School, you will get certified. You will get an exceptional diploma, which will become your reward for all the hard work during the studies and confirmation of that you’ve reached the top professional level.

Lifetime access

The access to the Course can be made from any device, 24/7 and from any place on the planet. You can playback any of the modules anytime you wish now and forever.

Students Achievements

I won't teach you how to be a carbon copy of me. My goal is to teach you how to find your own creative flow, how to be an original you.

Who is this Course for?

There are no divisions for beginners and experienced face painters here. The information is structured according to principle: WHAT supplies you need, HOW to use them and WHAT KIND of designs can be created with the gained skills.

If you have never painted before or you are a beginner and just discovered the spellbinding world of face painting, this is your chance to learn professional-level skills. Anyone at any skill level can learn. This online course is a face painting encyclopedia and an absolute beginner's MUST HAVE.

If you are already in the industry, but you aren't satisfied with your technique and designs and you're tired of copying others… If you feel you've learned all you can from YouTube tutorials and you're stuck… This course will help you understand your mistakes and will guide you on the right path. Here you'll take your skills to a new level and will find your own style.

If you are an entertainer or clown, this is your chance to stand out from the crowd and become competitive in your market. You'll find out everything you need to know about the best tools that give instant results and will master specific face painting techniques that will help you create impressive designs in no time!

If you are a makeup artist, this is your opportunity to expand the variety of services that you offer to your clients and stand out from the crowd. Here you will set a solid theoretical fundament and will master all necessary techniques that will help you combine them with makeup and obtain the most impressive and exquisite results.

If you are an experienced artist and you want to become a face painting instructor, but you lack confidence and understanding on how to correctly and adequately teach what you know, this course is exactly what you need! You will gain confidence in your skills and will find out how to build an effective educational program for your students.

About Author

Olga Murasev Founder of the School

Hi, I'm Olga! Face painting is my passion and an important part of my life.

You may already know me from YouTube or Facebook — Olga's Face and Body Art. Or perhaps you have taken one of my workshops?

Now let me tell you a little more about myself and my experience with this wonderful artform.

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Practical tasks and quiz tests

Set a solid base of knowledge and sharpen your skills through regular practice.

Most comprehensive face painting guide

Get access to the most complete and actual information.

24/7 access

Watch high-quality video-lessons of pace painting in Full HD anytime, from any place in the world, on any device.

Industry Leaders Thoughts

What most famous face painters are saying:

Nick Wolfe
I was IMPRESSED almost immediately when I looked at Olga's program. There is so much info in this Course! Olga is certainly one of the top face painters in the world and has now demonstrated why. She has researched this business to the end and has presented it a user friendly format that everyone can learn from.
Andrea DuBuc O'Donnell
If you are serious about becoming the best face paint artist you can be, then this course is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED to put you on a solid path to success! Olga has gathered and organized so much information that until now could only be learned the hard way, by trial and error! This course saves you a lot of time, money and frustration!
Corey Morgan
I can say with all sincerity that I have never seen as comprehensive a face painting course, as what Olga has developed here. The range of information that is presented, is INCREDIBLE. There is nothing out there that goes into as in-depth detail as this course. I recommend this course to painters of all skill levels.
Marcela Bustamante
The School is BRILLIANT! I'm impressed with the valuable content of this course. In this industry we never stop learning, and this course is the best way to start making a career from the commodity of your home, with the great support of this amazing instructor! Don't hesitate and SIGN UP TODAY, you won't regret! This is my honest advice...
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The most valuable solution on the market, with an amount of information equal to 30 day-long live workshops.

Professional 495€

For students who want to study independently

  • Lifetime access to all course material and future updates
  • 30 Core Modules, 76 video-lessons, 265 illustrations, 17 evaluation tests
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Live webinars, with a chance to ask any questions you want
  • Live Q&A in the School private group
  • 24/7 access on any device
  • 90-Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee
Elite Sold Out 895€

For students who prefer full instructor support

  • Lifetime access to all course material and future updates
  • 30 Core Modules, 76 video-lessons, 265 illustrations, 17 evaluation tests
  • Diploma of Graduation and e-Badge
  • Live webinars, with a chance to ask any questions you want
  • Live Q&A in the School private group
  • 24/7 access on any device
  • 90-Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee
  • ① Individual Tutoring for One Year

    As your mentor and coach, I will guide you through the entire educational program. My goal is to see you succeed. I will help you to understand your mistakes and, more importantly, how to fix them. You will discover your strengths to become a #1 Professional Face Painter.

  • ② Diploma of Graduation

    Will confirm that you gained the Status of a Qualified Professional Face Painter.

  • ③ e-Badge "Certified Face Painter"

    Exclusive School Sign that can be used as a watermark on your artworks and on your website.

Based on a proven, step-by-step face painting system

Our students love the results they have achieved through studying in the International Face Painting School. Here’s what they said:

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