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Olga Murasev — 26 September 2017

5 Tips for Crisp Lines in Face Painting

Linework is a basic skill that a face painter should attempt to master. Crisp, accurate lines made easy and fast require lots of practice. But nothing is impossible, especially if you know…

Olga Murasev — 19 September 2017

How to activate and use face paints correctly

This topic has been recently discussed in one of the new face painters groups on Facebook. There were quite many questions and while answering, I figured out that I should write a…

Olga Murasev — 13 September 2017

5 things you should know before you enroll at the International Face Painting School

It seems like everyone in the face painting community is now speaking about the International Face Painting School. You have probably heard about it for dozens of times, and I…

Olga Murasev — 05 September 2017

Playful Kitten Face Painting ➢ Step by Step

This design is special. And you know why? Because it was my very first original face painting design! Yes, back in 2012, after almost a year of copying other artists’ work, I…

Olga Murasev — 29 August 2017

Nailing Your Butterflies 🦋

I bet that the butterfly was your first (or second) face painting design that you’ve tried out when you just jumped into this colorful world. Did I guess it? 😉 There are countless styles and…

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