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Nick Wolfe

“I was impressed almost immediately when I looked at Olga's program. There is so much info in this Course! She is a true pioneer!”

I was impressed almost immediately when I looked at Olga's program. There was so much information about stuff I never even thought of!

Olga is certainly one of the top face painters in the world and has now demonstrated why. She has researched this business to the end and has presented it a user friendly format that everyone can learn from.

Olga has seen the future and it is the International Face Painting School!

Marcela Bustamante

“The FaceBodyArt.com School is brilliant! I am absolutely impressed with the valuable content of this course!”

As we all know, Olga is one of the top Face Painters in the world and she did an extraordinary job putting all this information together.

In a easy way, you will understand every single aspect of this course, including theory and illustrations, reinforced with step by step pictures and instructional videos that you easily follow.

This course will guide you to the best direction, since how to build a professional kit to how to look like a pro and get more costumers by advertising your work, without mentions all the techniques and advises.

And if you have been painting for several years, guess what? you also will take advantage of this classes, and will be surprised with all the content.

In this industry we never stop learning, and this course is the best way to start making a career from the commodity of your home, whit the great support of this amazing instructor!

Don't hesitate and sign up today, you wont regret ! this is my honest advice...

Corey Morgan

“The range of information that is presented, is incredible! I recommend this course to painters of all skill levels.”

I can say with all sincerity that I have never seen as comprehensive a face painting course, as what Olga has developed here.

The range of information that is presented, is incredible! From the various types of brushes, sponges and other applicators, to the types of paints, and their individual properties, to how to properly load a brush, to recognizing all of the safety issues with using the different products.

There is nothing out there that goes into as in-depth detail as this course.

I recommend this course to painters of all skill levels.

I don't think it's possible for any painter to go through this course without coming away a better and more knowledgeable artist as a result.

Tanya Maslova

“The first International online Face Painting School created by Olga Murasev is not just a school, it is face painting encyclopedia.”

This face painting course is a precious treasure, that many face painters are seeking for, specially at the beginning of their career. However, even an experienced artist will benefit of it. I personally found a lot of important and useful information here!

The content is presented in an easy to understand and laconic way, even though is very comprehensive. All main notes are highlighted. It is the first time when I see such a detailed explanation for a design, including not only the video tutorial, but also a scheme with focal points and additional explanations about how balance is achieved in the design.

It is surprising, I couldn't even imagine that I'll see such an enormous volume of information here! I spent years to collect all the information that is gathered here, but could still find out many new things.

In addition to all the mentioned above, here you'll find author's professional secret tips and tricks.

*review translated from Russian

Arjhay De Leon Jr.

“All information that an artist needs to learn is already in one place, here in Olga's Course, from basic to professional. This is amazing!”

One word i just said after i looked at Olga's program was “WOW... jaw dropping".

All information that an artist needs to learn is already in one place, here in Olga's Course, from basic to professional. This is amazing! If I could have a chance to attend her School I would definitely do that.

You will learn a lot from this Course, she is such an inspiration to many artists around the world. The special thing about this program is that you can learn from anywhere you are. All of the information you need is here, at FaceBodyArt.com

Andrea DuBuc O'Donnell

”An incredibly valuable tool for the serious face painter!”

If you are serious about becoming the best face paint artist you can be, then this course is exactly what you need to put you on a solid path to success!

Olga has gathered and organized SO much information that until now could only be learned the hard way, by trial and error!

Take your time to soak up every single morsel of educational inspiration, from top rated tools, to safe and effective products, to professional quality technique, to time & money saving tips, and more!

This course saves you a lot of time, money and frustration; it is worth it's "virtual" weight in gold!

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